Will people know I’m wearing a patch?

Transdermal patches are virtually undetectable and discreet – they go on under your clothes, have no cannabis smell, they will not give you red eyes, and they are comfortable to wear on the skin. 

How do I know I’m getting the right dose?

Transdermals are accurately dosed with a known quantity of cannabinoids that are delivered over a set period of time.  They are designed to always contain the proper amount of cannabinoids and will deliver those at a constant rate into the bloodstream.   All users are different but will likely experience a mild easy onset that lasts for hours.   Transdermal patches can be used daily. 

Will this patch get me high?

The effects of Sirona Transdermal Patches will likely vary slightly depending on the user. They are designed to deliver a slow and easy dosage that lasts for hours unlike smoking cannabis, which has a quicker onset that wears off faster. The higher the THC dosage, the more psychoactive the patch may feel.